2023 Annual Congregational Meeting (ECM) Notice

To: All HGPC Communicant Members

2023 Extraordinary Congregational Meeting (ECM) Notice

Date: Sunday, 1 Jan 2023

Time: 9:30am to 11:15am (Combined Service)

             11:15am to 12:45am (ECM)

Venue: Holy Grace Presbyterian Church (Level 3 Sanctuary)

                408B Upper East Coast Road Singapore 466484

Chairperson: Rev Thye Kim Fwee

Vice Chairperson: Elder Grace Tay Siew Hoon

Secretary: Deacon Qiu Suguan        

Treasurer: Deacon Lim Teck Yeow

Vice Treasurer: Deacon Chin Sin Boon

Logistics: Elder Tan Tai Heng, Elder Yeo Sung Kai Stanley

Interpreter: Elder Grace Tan 

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Record the number of Communicant Members present.
  2. Opening Prayer—Elder Yeo Sung Kai Stanley.
  3. Announce the number of Communicant Members present.
  4. Reading of HGPC Constitution for Congregation Meeting. 
  5. Report HGPC 2023 Plan & Activities
  6. Approve HGPC 2023 Budget.
  7. Closing Prayer—Rev Christopher Chan

Note:  The HGPC 2023 Budget will be posted on the church’s notice board with effect from 18 Dec 2022 for reference.

  1. HGPC Constitution 5.4.2—Rights of Communicant Members
  2. HGPC Constitution 6—Congregational Meetings

Thank you.

Holy Grace Presbyterian Church

16 Dec 2022