A group of Hainanese speaking Christians began worship at a rented shop house in Purvis Street. The fellowship of godly Christians were known as “Singapore Hainanese Christian Preaching Station”


Congregation moved to the premises of Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church and was called “Singapore Hainanese Christian Congregation” with the assistance of Rev J.A.B Cook.


Rev Alan S.Moore Anderson saw the needs of the growing congregation and rented a bigger premise at 2nd floor of 158 Middle Road. Preacher Tan Yi Lan ministered the people before moving to 5 Albert Street and the congregation was renamed “ Church of Christ in China Hainanese Holy Grace Church”


Preacher Tee See Nam served as preacher.


The church continued to grow in numbers and moved to bigger premise at Geylang Lorong 26, the church was renamed again as “ Church of Christ in China Holy Grace Church”.


Elder Ou Kee Yong , Rev Loo Thian-Liong and Rev Frank Balchin served as pastors and Interim Moderators respectively.


Rev Kenny Yeo came onboard and the church was finally named as “Holy Grace Presbyterian Church”


The church purchased her present location at Upper East Coast Road.

1972 Onwards

With God’s blessing, the church led the birth of a Mandarin and an English service. A 2nd ,3rd & 4th Hainanese Svc, a 5th Mandarin Svc and 6th Hainanese Svc in Kuantan, Malaysia


Expansion project on existing building and premises to accommodate growth.


Church present building commences and completed in 15th June 2003.